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2006 Hua Hin

Beer-Golf.com 2006 Asian Masters in Hua Hin.

        "Five Times Joel Comes First"


Rookies Results on Q School  
  • Alan the Redneck (Passed Q School - Full Tour Status)
  • Pepperoni Katcher (Passed Q School - Full Tour Status)
  • Martin the Mad(Passed Q School - Full Tour Status)
  • Kimmi! (Passed Q School - Full Tour Status)
  • Spidey Katoy(Passed Q School - now being considered as Vice President)
  • Five Time Joel (Due to Bus Performance - Probation - more events required)
  • The Oracle (Due to Day 1 Performance - Probation - more events required)
  • Jeff Prunty(Probabtion - Repeated offence of bringing chick on tour)
  • Farmer (no need for Q School - Full Tour Status and Commitee Candidate)
Welcome Backs

It was fantastic to see Mr Sparky Parlane and Mr Crazy Gerry come back into the fold. As Brucey would say - "Nice to see ya, to see ya nice"

Quotes of the Tournament:
So far we have several outstanding entrants - please send in your entries. My nominations are as follows:
The Lord - "Thats It ! - I've got two kids in private school in England, it costs me a lot of money and I'm not going to throw it all away by getting bunged up the ass by some Swedish homosexual in a bar in Hua Hin"
Farmer - "Mate - Thats not Kiwi Kent, Kiwi Kent is Gay" - (Farmer figures out half way through the event that Kiwi Kent is actually Kiwi Kent and not another Kiwi I introduced him to in Singapore)
Dr D - " I have never seen a country so dependent on the sun coming up voluntarily every morning"
Security - "Which Chin Exactly" - as Crazy was explaining an extract from his most embarassing moments
BBB - "The Bithish are coming, the British are coming" as our three Pommy mates get on the bus on Friday Morning.

Break Through or the Tournament

Kiwi Kent has not featured in any Beer-Golf.com to date, however, he achieved his breakthrough with podium finishes on the Saturday and Sunday.
  • Col. Saunders for finishing a compelling second place with a reduced handicap  
  • Peperoni Katcher - delayed his flight home, bought a bath for his house in Arizona and arranged shipping at 12.30am on saturday morning and basically fell in love with Thailand. Make it to the next one dude.
Thanks to
  • Johan Kvist the Iceman - Excellent job as President Stand In
  • BBB - As always the Betting Pool was sensational
  • Sparky for providing help to the Mullose throughout
Official Press Release:
After Discussion with Doddsie today we have decided that the Press Release will be titled as above "Five Times Joel Comes First" - in addition, from now on our Joel will be know to all as "Five Times"



"Now you're part of the problem, dude"

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