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2002 Manila

Press Release

issued:   23 Jun 2002, Beer-Golf.com Headquarters, Manila


Oy-Oy-Oy:  Aussies Rule at Pan Asian II

Under near perfect conditions, the Aussies had a big weekend at the 2nd Annual Beer-Golf.com Pan Asian Invitational.  The team of Brian Forrester, Danny Ferguson and Tim Chapman won Friday's Aussie-Yank match 80-73 as Dave Dodds and  Beau Gillette failed to support Dick Robbins's individual high man effort of 29 points on the tough Riviera Langer layout.


Friday's Field

The team of Forrester and Chapman continued their winning ways topping the field with a 44 point two man best ball effort at Sherwood on Saturday.  Robbins and Larry Williams garnered the runner up trophies at 38 points.

It was all in a days work for Beer-Golf.com President Briano Forrester.  Forrester was last seen speeding away from Sherwood, clutching his winner's trophy on his way to assist in the delivery of his first child.


The winners celebrate



"Now you're part of the problem, dude"

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