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2001 Manila - Bye Bye Briano

Press Release

issued:   27 Nov 2001, Beer-Golf.com Headquarters, Manila

Hanging Chad Found....Recount Upholds Narrow Deviant Victory

Recovering from his 4 day alcohol induced stupor, Beer-Golf.com President Brian Forrester found an error in the weekend scoring demanding a recount.  A hanging chad on the back of the offical scorekeeping napkin had inadvertently moved Swedish strongman Johan Kvist's sparkling Sunday 36 from the Manila Nancy Boys to the International Deviant column.  A recount ensued upholding the Deviant's victory by the slightest of margins 396-393.  Embarrassed scorekeeping official, Dave Dodds, was heard to mumble "f#$kin computers, f#$%n beer, screw ém all, I shot a f#$%@n 78".


Press Release

issued:   25 Nov 2001, Beer-Golf.com Headquarters, Manila


Deviant Tourists Spank Nancy Boys

The International Deviants turned a close match into a final day 407-383 blowout over the Manila Nancy Boys in the first and hopefully only Bye Bye Briano Invitational held in the Philippines this past weekend.  The final vodka powered pairing of Lyle Williams and Sam Mulligan sealed the victory building on the stellar albeit more sober performances of Johan Kvist, Danny Ferguson, Michael Colozzi and Dave Dodds.  True to their name, the Nancy Boys faded following Friday night's extensive festivities despite a gallant final day leading 37 by local veteran Lito Cruz.

The real winner was of course the tournament guest of honor, Dead Man Walking Briano Forrester who was sent to his impending commitment in style.  The Philippine tourist industry also got a much needed boost, particularly the night life sector.  A special commendation is expected for Tourney Social Chairman Marcus Cerveny for his tireless research in preparation for the event.

Forrester and Cerveny...plotting.

In related news, Beer-Golf.com President Forrester quickly moved to squelch rumors that the tour would be renamed the Vodka-Golf.com tour for the forthcoming season.  A ruling on the Etiquette Committee's recommendation that on course alcohol consumption be limited to beer is expected soon.


"Now you're part of the problem, dude"

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