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2001 Phuket - Pan Asian I

Press Release

issued:   10 Oct 2001, Beer-Golf.com Headquarters, Manila


Dowd Rumbles to Phuket Win

Shanghai's Kevin "Yumbo" Dowd overcame a wobbly international expatriate field to win the inaugural Beer-Golf.com Pan Asian Invitational held in Phuket, Thailand, September 30th thru October 2nd.  His three day stableford point total of 89 bested the last day charge of runner-up Brian Forrester.  Per Karlsson and Dave Dodds shared third.

Dowd, Mulligan and the unfortunate can.

Dowd is pictured with Sam Mulligan (yes, that's his real name) who garnered the “Shot of the Tournament” award.  Mulligan toe'd a driver off the first tee of Phuket Country Club. The resulting worm-burner rocketed through a plastic trash can leaving remarkably clean entry and exit wounds, much to the delight of the assembled field.


"Now you're part of the problem, dude"

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