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2008 Phuket

Keano Charges to Victory,
BBB & Kiwi Survive

Keano mounted a final day charge to and claim the 2008 Beer-Golf.com Phuket title. The winner was the first to drink from our new championship trophy generously procurred by the Lord. Consistent veteran, Danny the Grey Eagle finished second in the overall to compliment his day one team victory with the Iceman. Early leader Yo Adrian finshed 3rd in the overall.

The most impressive preformance may have been Triple B's second day team victory paired with Dr. D after a night in a chicken suit. This may have been topped by Kiwi's pet sheep Lovie's performance of the Haka.


As usual, the proceedings were orchestrated in outstanding fashion by the Styler with an assist on the entertainment front from Sparky. Congrats to Bob the Builder for winning a tightly contested Rookie of the Year honor thru prudent tequilla management. A great time was had by all and no major injuries were reported.


"Now you're part of the problem, dude"

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